About Tokyo Bees

Tokyo Bees runs the popular Helen O’Grady classes for children in Tokyo. This program has been running successfully for over 30 years in 26 countries!

The program follows a highly dynamic and fun curriculum that focuses on developing vital life skills in children like confidence building, language and communication skills, effective social interaction, by tapping into the child's own creativity.

The aim is to develop clear articulation, diction, creativity and confidence through speech exercises, creative movement games, rhythm and rhyme. Weekly classes of one hour are held in various locations. Students can join classes at any time of the year. Classes coincide with the school academic terms. At the end of the 3rd term, children present a short scripted production for family and friends.

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Benefits of the Program

- speak more clearly and confidently
- improve self esteem and build confidence
- meet new friends and learn to work in a team
- improve listening skills
- stimulate creativity and concentration


Helen O'Grady Academy

"Tokyo Bees drama workshop was great! My students truly enjoyed their time with Tenie. The activities encouraged the use of imagination and it allowed students to express themselves in a creative manner. The workshop has sparked an interest in drama in my students. Drama transcends language differences and it is a wonderful tool for developing confidence in children." -Grade 1 Teacher, Tokyo

"My husband and I wanted to congratulate you for a fabulous show today. Everyone did a fantastic job and we were pleased to see how Sara had grown over the last few months. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and we are proud of her! Thank you and your team for all the great work!" -Nami.

"Thank you Tenie. Kjerstin announced today that she no longer wants to go to school, play piano or do swimming lessons. She wants to come to drama everyday!" -Tami A.(Parent)

"Both Tyler and Sayuri love coming to your classes every week. They love it so much!" -Yuriko L. (Parent)

"Anna was so great at assembly- she announced her name and spoke a few lines in front of everyone. I was as surprised as the other moms but now I know she got all that confidence from drama class!" - Kaaren (A mom after seeing the children do speech exercises during parent day)