About Helen O'Grady

The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy is the largest provider of affordable school drama programmes in the world. Operating in a diversity of schools, this comprehensive creative-arts programme enriches the life of all schools and their children.The international curriculum, developed over 30 years and operating in 26 countries, covers all aspects of drama in education. Young people aged 3-18 benefit from our curriculum which can be tailor-made to suit the specific needs of schools.

Research has shown that children who partake in creative programmes such as drama are more likely to achieve academically and have a constructive educational experience. The Helen O’Grady Drama System is developmental and based on principles which encourage communication and creativity in children to the maximum, helping young people to be positive about themselves and the world around them.


About the Principal

Tenie B. Sangma has an extensive experience working with children.Prior to starting the Helen O’GradyFranchise in Tokyo, she worked as Head Teacher in a reputed International Preschool in Tokyo.She has a Masters degree in English literature, a certified early childhood educator and has also been trained in the UK to teach and run the Helen O'Grady program.

With Tokyo Bees, Tenie is thrilled to combine the many passions in her life- Working with Children, Drama and Creative Expression and Education. She is passionate about the use of drama techniques in her classrooms and truly believes it to be one of the most effective methods of teaching both children and adults. Asides from running Tokyo Bees, Tenie is involved in organizing parent workshops, teacher training, toddler classes and running a small cosy library with free story telling sessions! Tenie currently resides in Tokyo with her husband and daughters and is excited to bring this wonderful program to the children of Japan.


About the Teachers

All teachers employed by the company receive prior and ongoing training in the Helen O'Grady method.