Our unique program helps children express themselves creatively and develop clear speech, build vocabulary and ongoing confidence, and learn important social etiquette. Children are involved in a series of fun filled, high energy learning activities that focus on:

· Voice projection,
· Language building,
· Drama games,
· Improvisation,
· Structured and unstructured speech,
· Confidence building and team work.

The lessons are fun and dynamic, containing short, well-structured segments of introductory warm up activities, speech, movement and whole class improvisations.

At every lesson, children will be involved in speech training, creative movement, mimes to music, story telling, songs, dramatic play and language activities. Children will learn how to interact in a group as well as to nurture their own individual talents and roles. This original international curriculum is extensive and highly creative and encompasses a 17 year cycle- so a child can come every week for 17 years and never repeat a lesson!

Open days for parents are organized at the end of each term to allow parents to come and see what we do, or to simply join in the fun! All children enrolled in the program will also do a short scripted production at the end of the academic year!

Children are grouped into mixed age classes.

· Kindy : for children 3-4 years old
· Lower primary: for children 5-8 years old
· Upper Primary: 9-12 years old
· Adult classes coming soon!

Please speak to our staff to see which class will best suit your child.


We pride ourselves on being an affordable after school class. Please contact us for more details of fees and payment schemes.

Helen O'Grady Academy